Research has shown us that modern organizations rely on agile and collaborative teams to drive success. Additionally, the number one challenge facing organizations today is diminishing employee satisfaction which obviously has a huge impact on productivity and success.

Birkman helps leaders to optimize employee satisfaction and develop collaborative teams by:


  • Improving the ability of leaders to coach team members

  • Better understanding the influence communication and workplace dynamics have on the teams’ ability to work productively

  • Providing a framework to guide emerging leaders to success by shifting from individual contribution mindset to that of complex team management

  • Aligning values among employees, teams, and company

  • Bringing human experience into team purpose

  • Developing talent at an individual level

High performing teams are supported to


  • Better understand what motivates each individual

  • Turn individual differences into a competitive advantage by utilizing Frameworks to manage conflicting preferences, work styles, and individual mindsets which can contribute to communication barriers

  • Operate in a psychologically safe environment where they can take risks without the worry of feeling insecure or embarrassed. 

  • Foster a reliance on the dependability of their team to deliver high-quality output on time

  • Work in a structured and transparent environment where they are aligned with their team members are clear on team goals, individual goals, and execution plans

  • Work with purpose and meaning where each member has a personally important reason that motivates them

  • Celebrate the impact of their work. The team understands how the work they are doing matters to the company and its customers. 

A teams’ ability to work with clarity and agility has never been more important. Birkman helps teams develop clarity in these critical areas:  


  • How they provide social value to the company, clients, and community  

  • How work and team priorities need to shift to meet market needs 

  • How individual roles transition in the agile workplace 

  • Transparent and clear expectations of individual and team assignments 

  • Why prior drivers of performance may need to be abandoned to create continued success 

Deloitte research states that many teams fail because they assumed, they could not improve, change, or reframe their situation. Often, the smartest and most technical teams are the ones that get stuck. Prior success can trick teams into thinking that challenges not solved using a proven approach can't be solved at all.  

Uniting team members with diverse personalities and viewpoints is a tall order, but The Birkman Method provides self-awareness and emotional intelligence tools in a practical learning environment to drive Purpose, Clarity, and Psychological safety. 


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