If you're ready to take the next step in your career and to get active in the job market, then our Resume, CV & LinkedIn consult is for you.


In this session, we will review your existing assets and share our strategies to create winning career marketing tools which will help you be noticed in an aggressive and competitive market. You will be seen by the people who make decisions and leave them with a lasting impression.


The insights we share with you are based on the work we have done with recruiters, hiring managers and literally thousands of job market applicants. We put an end to the guess work and prevent you wasting time and energy.


Here's what you'll get:

  • You'll learn how to target your content with compelling narrative
  • You will develop content that is truly reflective of your background, skills and experiences
  • You will learn how to structure your response to align with key selection criteria and work capabilities
  • You will be guided to focus on clarity and brevity - to cut back on "fluff"
  • You will learn how to carefully select examples from your work history
  • We will support you to integrate advocacy into your assets
  • We will audit your assets in relation to auto-parsing and bullion search optimisation
  • We will provide you with guidance around consistent and modern formatting
  • We will audit and educate you about LinkedIn profile settings and useage strategies


Join us to learn the skills you need to stay ahead of the crowd with every application you submit!


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