At the heart of what they do, Dattner Group develops sustainable, inclusive and courageous leadership. They know that the practice of leadership that has brought us to where we are, won’t take us to where we need to get in the future. With that in mind, we Human Trilogy are proud to announce that we are the newest members of The Dattner Group collective. Together we will amplify our message and impact.


Liz Jones and Human Trilogy operate by a simple mission: Do Good and Be Good. Genuinely loved by clients, the Human Trilogy team are well known for their sensitivity, innovative practices and creative solutions.  


Liz founded Human Trilogy with over 25 years’ experience in career management and leadership and is known for her strong business acumen and a growth mindset. Having worked with globally renowned organisations, she has supported thousands of individuals and organisational leaders. Her human connections are authentic and their stories rich and diverse.


Dattner Group, like Human Trilogy lead from a place of genuine integrity and real trust. It has been clear that in working together our collaborative approach, unyielding curiosity and uncompromising courage are synchronized.


Together we have the potential to achieve more and be better, not just for our clients but for the greater good.


Human Trilogy and Liz have found a new home at Dattner Group and we ask you to continue to follow and support us on this journey.


Visit the Dattner Group website to find out how Liz and the team can help you or call us on 03 8400 5266.


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