The creation and evolution of this ground-breaking tool

Dr. Roger Birkman was born in Texas in 1919. In his youth, he flew as a B-17 pilot and later as an instructor for the US Air Force in WWII. After being shot down over Belgium and escaping Nazi forces he returned to the US at the end of the war. His experiences drove him to embark on a pursuit to better understand human behavior. 

In 1951, Dr. Roger W. Birkman created the Test of Social Comprehension. His inspiration for the instrument was driven by his war-time experiences, where he saw first-hand that individual differences in visual and interpersonal perceptions impacted pilot performance and learning. Today, the Test of Social Comprehension is now known as The Birkman Method® and has been completed by millions of people and used by thousands of companies worldwide. It helps people understand how individual differences in perception and the resulting interpersonal dynamics have far-reaching impacts on relationships, performance, and morale. 

As a second-generation Birkman, Sharon Birkman leads the organization which continues to expand its global impact and live out Dr. Birkman’s dream to empower individuals, teams, leaders, and communities worldwide. 

Credit: Birkman International 2020 -