to learn the 6 main areas recruiters screen for and the best ways to cut through the competition with a stand out resume.

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Andrew's Story

"It just didn't make any sense. My confidence was taking a pounding and I was starting to doubt if I would ever get another job."

Andrew had worked as a General Manager in a successful company. He had been with them for 12 years and always had a lot of success in the work he did. 

In October 2020, he was devastated when he and a number of his team were laid off. The business now had to adapt and that meant restructuring and reducing staff costs. 

Andrew was worried for the wellbeing of his team, but was quietly confident he would get snapped up. After all, he is a subject matter expert with great experience and a strong reputation. 

As the weeks went by he applied for job after job. Senior roles right through to entry level. He just wanted to work. He has bills to pay and a family to support. 

By the time we met Andrew, he had tailored countless versions of his resume and only managed to secure a few opportunities to interview. By that stage his confidence was so shattered that he no longer had the resolve to sell himself with conviction in the interviews. 

We helped Andrew to build a resume that stood out and made people want to meet him. Using some simple strategies, Andrew's success in the job market was transformed.  

Show me the secrets!

Jodie. L

Senior Leader

Banking & Finance

Liz provided me with amazing support through her open and honest approach and genuine desire to help


Executive Director Entertainment

I seriously can't thank her enough for her advice. I've never been busier, I feel challenged and satisfied. Thanks Liz - You Rock


Business Owner


Working with you helped me to think outside the box and have the courage to do what I really wanted to.

I feel like I am in the right track for the first time ever.


  • 4 x 2:1 or 1:1 coaching sessions with our founder

  • Learn how to embrace a career success mindset even in the most uncertain and disruptive career situations

  • Define your "why", career drivers and stallers to set yourself up to succeed and pivot quickly

  • Build a strong career brand and story which will spark interest and generate advocacy

  • Carve out your career pathway to the best version of your future career. Feel proud of what you have achieved and excited about what is yet to come.

  • Plan your career and commit to short and long term goals to lead you and your buddy to success

  • Unlock the hidden job market and 80% of the available jobs which are rarely advertised.

  • Build a career portfolio of powerful marketing materials including resume, CV, Cover letters, LinkedIn Profile and explore how you can use other social media channels to make an impact.

  • Master the confidence to network with ease and authenticity to expedite opportunities.


Did you know that according to recent data released by, in November 2019, Australians advertised fewer jobs than in November 2020? Additionally our unemployment rate has recently dropped to 6.8%

This indicates 2021 is a year of hope and optimism. Are you ready to make the most of every opportunity?


Think about the last interview you had. How did you feel? Did you really understand why the recruiter questioned you the way they did? Did you know what was keeping them up at night and how to be the answer to all their problems? Had you researched your competition and optimised your success?

I can teach you how to master this process and leave the right impression!


Take a good look at the resume you are handing out? Are you really proud of it? Is it authentic and does it tell your story? 

Are you using your resume correctly? For example... do you know what the difference between a CV and a resume is? Do you know how to optimise your success with Applicant Tracking Systems and LinkedIn?

Together we can develop job search assets which you will be proud of!


Does the idea of networking make you feel sick?

Well did you know we estimate up to 80% of jobs exist in the hidden job market? That means they don't get advertised.

Yet most people who want a new job don't have a networking strategy or the confidence to help them optimise this market.

What are you doing to tap into this rich source of opportunity? 

I can help you overcome your fears and build a robust networking plan to maximise your success!



Throughout my 25 year career I have worked with literally thousands of people to navigate their careers. Across all industries and types of companies, I have partnered with CEOs through to graduates and helped them get to where they want to go professionally. 

The job market is in my DNA  and my greatest passion in life is sharing the highs and career achievements of the people I work with. 

"I met Liz during a stressful career transition time. I established a rapport with her immediately due to her warmth and empathy. Liz listens without judgement.


While no doubt she has heard similar stories to mine before, her focus on me and me only in each conversation and with each question, helped me feel empowered and like I mattered.


Another quality that sets Liz apart is how she asks questions – her questions were very insightful and really helped me open my eyes to kinds of opportunities I never conceived before. Equally, she managed to give me confidence when I needed it the most and make me feel like I was in control. This became critical in helping me establish not only my key strengths but in making me see the career transition as a wonderful opportunity." - Senior Executive, Australian Government




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